Check Out These Tips To Stop Snoring

TIP! Using multiple pillows when you sleep can help to alleviate snoring. This sleep position discourages mucus and other potential airway obstructions from congesting the sinuses, instead letting them drain away naturally.

You should sleep between seven and eight hours each night if you want to be healthy and alert. It can’t just be any old sleep, though. It has to be restful. Snoring can turn this into a challenge, because an individual who snores often does not sleep soundly. Read on to find solutions for your snoring dilemma.

Snoring Problem

TIP! To prevent snoring, keep nasal passages open. If your nose is clogged or swollen, you are more likely to snore.

Being overweight is one factor that can possibly exacerbate a snoring problem. Body weight may not always exacerbate snoring; however, if there is extra fat within the neck area, your airways could be constricted and this does lead to snoring. You may find that your snoring problem improves when you lose excess weight.

TIP! If you have congestion because of allergies or other similar issues, you will be more prone to snoring while you sleep. When the nasal passages and other airways get constricted by congestion, airflow is reduced and snoring becomes more likely.

To reduce snoring, keep your airways open. A nose that is clogged or constricted contributes to increased snoring. Increase the humidity of the air entering your nose by using a humidifier or a steam shower to humidify the environment, or vapor rub to help your body, when your nose is plugged. Nasal strips can also help you because they actually lift your nose open, allowing air to enter.

TIP! Speak with your doctor to see if one of your medications is creating your snoring. Prescription medications can cause you to snore as a side effect.

Drink lots of water to help stop snoring. Being dehydrated causes your nasal secretions to thicken and become stickier, which can lead to clogged airways and snoring. Try to drink at least ten cups of juice, water or any other non caffeinated and non alcoholic drinks each day as this can reduce the effects of your snoring.

Prescription Medications

TIP! Replacing a soft pillow with a firm one can help to eliminate your snoring. Pillows that don’t effectively support your head can cause a position that causes the throat to relax and the air passages to become narrower.

Meet with your doctor to review any prescription medications you may be taking. Ask your doctor to identify those that might intensify your problem. Some prescription medications can make you snore. Prescriptions such as pain killers, muscle relaxants, or antihistamines can cause relaxed muscles and restricted airways. Restriction of the airway can cause snoring.

TIP! Do you think there is any truth to the assertion that loud singing can help you cut down on your snoring? Singing builds up the muscles in your soft palate and throat. When these muscles are toned, your air passages are less likely to narrow at night, and once you fall asleep, snoring should not be an issue.

Fat in your throat can cause you to snore. Those who are overweight have excessive fatty tissue that surrounds their windpipes, which doesn’t help. To reduce the chance of snoring, you may want to consider losing any excess weight. Not only can you stop your snoring, but you will be healthier as well.

TIP! Run a humidifier all night long in your bedroom. Humidifiers increase the amount of moisture in the air.

If you are one of the many people who snore, aim to avoid drinking alcohol. In addition to refraining from alcohol use, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, and antihistamines should also be avoided before bedtime. These types of items work to relax your muscles, and this will limit your air passages, causing you to snore more.

TIP! Even if you have not been diagnosed with lactose intolerance, dairy products are a common culprit of snoring. You will product more phlegm if you eat dairies, which can obstruct your throat or nose.

If you lose weight, your snoring will naturally be reduced. Excess fat in your neck can increase pressure in your throat, which can cause narrowing of your airways. This pressure will increase throughout the night causing your airways to constrict. Even if you only lose a few pounds, you will notice improvements.

TIP! Avoid falling asleep on your back, this can reduce the amount of snoring you do in the middle of the night. To help you stay off your back, sew a tennis ball on the back of the top of your pajamas.

Eat a spoon or two of honey before going to bed. Though the reasons are unknown, honey is believed to be an effective natural remedy for minimizing snoring. Not surprisingly, this is just another of the many folk remedies that revolve around honey.

TIP! Purchasing an adjustable bed may remedy a snoring problem. You can arrange this bed so you sleep in a slightly upright position.

Look at the position you usually sleep in at night – is it causing your snoring? Back sleeping is the cause of many snorer’s problems. That position causes the tissues and muscles in their throat to fall and relax. If you sleep on either side, the chances of this occuring are slim, ensuring you can have a more relaxing night of sleep.

TIP! Believe it or not, sleep itself can help to solve a snoring problem. In addition to sleeping for a sufficient number of hours, however, you also need to sleep on a regular schedule.

Snoring may seem like it is an overwhelming and uncontrollable problem. This turns out, however, to be false. There are a wide variety of approaches you can take to minimize, or totally stop, your snoring. If you need help kicking this problem so as to get a full night of restorative sleep, keep reading.

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