Cleansing The Body

Most of us feel that cleansing the body is necessary these days. Obesity, constipation, depression and other modern illnesses are often blamed on toxins that have accumulated in our organs.

So, we now have the question of how to cleanse the body. Some experts believe that the body can cleanse itself quite well without resorting to a home body detox. Others say that our natural body cleansing system can be slowed down by the amount of poisons in our environment. Our lungs, liver, kidneys and colon can become tired from the overload of toxins so that detox diets and extra exercise are very necessary.

One obvious suggestion for natural body cleansing is to sweat the toxins out. Before the invention of modern saunas, Turkish baths were very popular among people needing to relax and rid their bodies of poisons. In a Turkish bath you are encouraged to sweat freely by being subjected to hot, dry air, then you go bathe in cool water.

Will a visit to the sauna help rid our system of poisons? The answer is, sadly, no. You will find a small amount of toxins in your sweat but nowhere near enough to lead you to think sweating alone will help much in cleansing the body. The bad news is, intense sweating will lead to the body dehydrating which will impair kidney function. Fortunately you can do a home body detox with a combination of healthy diet, exercise and some changes to your environment.

The first step to cleansing your body at home is to take a look at the home itself. See which chemical products you could replace with compounds containing natural ingredients. There are recipes available in books and online for alternatives to commercial cleaning products, deodorants and shampoos. You could also buy a water filter for your kitchen tap.

To help with a home body detox there are natural compounds available that are supposed to help the process of natural body cleansing. These compounds contain, among other things, burdock root, turmeric root, artichoke leaf, soy lecithin and milk thistle.

If you do not want to buy or make special products for cleansing, a vegetarian diet will keep you healthy and help to cleanse the body. You do not even need to adopt vegetarianism permanently. If you do it for a few weeks a couple of times a year, a vegetarian diet will help considerably in cleansing the body.

Another aspect of cleansing the body is colon cleansing. As with all aspects of detoxing, medical professionals state that this treatment is not necessary for our health but there are many people all over the world who feel that a clean colon makes them feel totally detoxed as well as free of constipation.

You can undertake colon cleansing at home. The most trouble free way to cleanse your own colon is to use fiber supplements and natural laxatives. Cascara sagrada cleanses your colon and turkey rhubarb will help clean out your intestines. Drinking plenty of water will make sure your intestinal tract stays clean.

One way of colon cleansing at home is to get someone to give you an enema. Some people enjoy the feeling of the liquid cleaning out their intestines, others find it extremely invasive. Either way, it’s a bit messy and best given by a close relative or your life partner. If you feel that colon cleansing at home using an enema is not for you, investigate the colon cleansing qualities of herbal supplements like olive leaf extract, flax seeds and senna.

How long you need to spend on cleansing the body depends on your individual circumstances. If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle and live in an environment where the air is full of pollutants, you may need to undergo a fairly intensive cleansing process regularly.

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