Detox Cleansing – The Real Story

There is a theory that the body can be rejuvenated by a process called detox cleansing. If you are going to learn about detoxing, an all natural body detox seems like the logical way to go. A natural body cleansing should not involve introducing more foreign substances. Manufacturers of detox products containing supplements and dietary instrucions for cleansing the body usually advise us to stick to a healthy diet and to exercise regularly. Of course they also advise us to partake of their cleansing detox products that claim to help us set the detox process in motion and ensure its effective progress.

Many people claim to have experienced positive effects from detoxing but you should talk to a doctor, or at least do some research into the process and the cleansing detox products that are available before trying it yourself. You will find that many of the cleansing detox products are herbal laxatives like senna, fennel and psyllium, diuretics like dandelion, golden rod and birch and aids to digestion such as ginger and peppermint.

One of the first cleansing methods was the liver cleanse diet. This is based on the experience of Dr Sandra Cabot who found that treating patients for poor liver function made them lose weight. The starting point of this treatment is that a huge range of illnesses can be attributed to the liver needing a cleanse. The liver cleanse diet involves eating raw vegetables and there are many liver cleansing supplements that we can take to aid liver recovery. I don’t know if the liver cleanse diet comes with instructions on eating properly so that you never need it again but there are certainly many people who have embraced it as their weight loss detox diet of choice.

There are also supplements designed to aid a liver cleanse diet. These include herbs such as schizandra, dandelion and milk thistle which have a long standing tradition as liver cleansing aids but not a great deal of scientific evidence to back it up.

If you are lookig for a body cleanse diet, according to many health fanatics all over the world, nothing beats the maple diet. Also known as the lemonade cleansing diet or the Mastercleanse diet, it was designed as a cheap and simple way to cleanse the system but many people have adopted it as their weight loss diet of choice.

To do the lemonade cleansing diet you will need some maple syrup, purified water, lemons and cayenne pepper. Organic products if you can get them. The diet lasts for ten days, during which time you do not eat any solid food. In addition to drinking the lemonade made from these ingredients, you should also drink a salt solution to help flush waste from the large intestine.

A natural body cleansing method is to drink green tea. Green tea is one of those substances that a lot of outrageous claims have been made for. Some of these claims are for preventing or alleviating diseases like Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, cancer and Alzheimer’s; lessening the effects of bad cholesterol; burning calories, and quick weight loss. There are many green tea products available, like green tea capsules, Life Extension Mega Green Tea Extract and Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Metabolizer.

Still another detox cleansing method is the foot detox using a special foot detox machine. With this method you place your feet in a bath and pass a mild electric current through the water. The water changes color during this process. Foot detox advocates say this is the toxins leaving the body. Scientists say it’s a result of the electrolysis of the water.

An alternative to the foot detox bath is the foot detox pad which is simply attached to your feet. The pads contain ingredients that are supposed to aid detox cleansing but there is no scientific evidence to support the claims.

There is no medical research backing up the theory behind foot detoxification but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that people feel better after undertaking a mineral or herbal foot detox regime people do feel that their energy levels have been raised and stress has been drastically reduced. Some of the more serious claims made for foot detoxification are: killing of viruses, relief of pain, weight loss and relief of tension.

By far the most natural way to detox is by going on a body cleanse diet of some kind. If we go back to what science can prove about detoxing, we know that our body cleanses itself routinely. Rather than buying detox products that are supposed to enhance the body’s natural cleansing process, we could simply stop eating foods that contain toxins and eat the kinds of foods that put the least burden on our body. So, we stop drinking coffee and alcohol, eliminate salt, sugar and artificial sweeteners from our diet. To go on a full body cleanse diet we stop eating dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, chicken, and all kinds of meat.

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