Detox Foot Pads – Are They Misunderstood?

Many people gave detox foot pads to friends and family at Christmas time, and they did not go down all that well. In fact, they were placed amongst the most useless gifts received.

Many people do actually believe that cleansing detox foot pads relieve us of toxins by drawing them out through our feet while we sleep. Strangely, one group of people who do not believe in the efficacy of these pads consists of scientists and doctors.

I do not know if these medical people have tried detoxing by foot pad, but they say that the skin of the feet is not porous enough to allow toxic substances to pass through it.

Kinoki foot pads have been examined by researchers and found to be quite good at cleaning the outside of the foot, but there was no evidence that the brown substance that appears on a used pad contained heavy metals or any other nasties.

There is a range of Japanese detox foot pads that have been tested by eager consumers of alternative health products and their sometimes sceptical friends and family. While some people reported “feeling better” after using the foot pads, analysis of the matter found on the foot pads did not indicate that they helped us become less toxic. The advertising for Kinoki foot pads claim that the pads show a dark deposit of “toxins” when you first start using them and become lighter as your body becomes less toxic. The trouble is it’s hard to find any testimonials from customers who witnessed this evidence of decreasing toxic load.

3 years ago

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