A 3 Day Detox Diet – How To Detox After The Holidays

After Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and New Year celebrations, you are bound to be feeling bloated and slow to respond to life’s challenges. The following is a guide to detoxing the body that you can follow without too much trouble. This diet is strict from the point of view of content but you can improvise a little within the guidelines.

You could make a New Year’s resolution to go on a healthier diet permanently with a view to detoxing your body, but such decisions made when we are feeling down in the dietary dumps do not always last. So here is a 3 day diet solution to help cleanse your body and kick start a new and healthier year.

Almost all foods contain toxins and if you have been celebrating without taking into account your body’s need for proper nourishment, you will be needing a good detox. If you follow this detox diet you will find your energy picking up, the weight coming off, and the bloating going down.

So, here is a sample three day detox diet plan. Follow it closely for the three days or find variations on the internet.

For breakfast just have a protein smoothie:

In a blender place:
half a banana
half a cup of frozen blueberries
half a cup of frozen raspberries
a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon
one scoop of whey protein powder – vanilla flavor

Blend all the ingredients with some ice cubes till it looks like a smoothie.

If you want, you can finish breakfast with a cup of black tea or coffee.

For lunch enjoy this spinach salad:

Pile some spinach leaves on a plate. Whatever amount looks good to you.

Add some or all of the following: tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, red onions

Add a half a cup of black beans or red kidney beans

For dressing you can use red wine or balsamic vinegar

Finish the meal with a cup of green tea

The aim of the lunch salad is to get some antioxidants into your body so follow the recipe closely.

For dinner, it’s fish and vegetables.

Cook up some salmon, haddock or cod. Any way you want except, of course, fried. For seasoning use black pepper and lemon.

You accompany the fish with steamed broccoli

Finish the meal with another cup of green tea.

Around half an hour before lunch and dinner drink two eight-ounce glasses of water. Water is an essential element in our diet and drinking it before a meal ensures we finish eating with that “full feeling”. During this three-day diet don’t go and drink soft drinks, alcohol or fruit juice.

For a snack unsalted nuts are great. Nuts are high in fat, but this is for the most part unsaturated fat which is good for your heart and may help lower bad cholesterol.

Do not add any kind of sweetening – natural or manufactured – to your meals during the three days. For salad dressing and seasoning eat only what is in the recipes.

Take a walk every day if you can. About half an hour should do.

This may not be the best detox diet available but it will definitely help you to detox your body after a time of self indulgence and hopefully it will make you feel good about embarking on a body detox diet in the future. Who knows? It might inspire you to take on one of the more serious fasting disciplines like the lemon detox.

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