A Body Cleanse Detox Guide

After reading about body cleansing and detoxing, many people are moved to try giving a natural body cleanse detox a try.

Some people will go for a simple fruit and vegetable diet lasting a few days, others will get into something a little more involved and intense. If you are thinking about learning about cleansing and detoxification, you will be needing a clear starting point, so let’s begin with the juices and food you need to start cleansing the toxins from your system.

In cleansing and detoxification, diet is important. Wheatgrass is supposed to be an excellent start for a natural body cleanse detox. Don’t let the smell and the taste put you off. Salmon and tuna are also said to be good. Many people recommend water as the best beverage for a detox but if you prefer juice, use grapefruit, pineapple and citrus juices. Green tea has special properties that make it a favorite with some detox fans.

You might have read that the best thing for a body cleanse detox is exercise. Exercise is said to swing your lymphatic system into gear which shifts the toxins out of your system. A sauna also works. Some people are of the opinion that detox programs can expel good bacteria from your system as well as toxins. A simple regime of drinking water and eating fruit, vegetables and fiber works for those who want to take an active role in looking after their health but do not necessarily trust the advice of the body cleanse detox industry.

The foot pads and pills available to detox your body are recommended by many who have tried them as part of an all-over body cleansing detoxification and condemned as hoaxes by others who look at the ingredients. Medical research does not find any proof for the claims for these products. Of course, you might belong to the school of thought that says water and organic fruits and vegetables are much more effective for body cleansing detoxification and more harmless than any scientifically developed pills or potions.

Read the label and the instructions before trying any cleansing and detoxification products. For some, the big question is whether a body cleanse makes it easier to lose weight. If you do your research you will probably find that body cleansing works to help you recover from certain illnesses but does not have much effect on the body’s facility for getting rid of fat. Actually, if you starve yourself you could be lowering your natural ability to burn fat.

If losing weight is part of your body cleansing detoxification program, you could try drinking skim milk to pave the way for a weight loss detox. The protein content will help with the hunger pangs and calcium makes bone and helps you to burn fat. A high fiber intake accompanied with the skim milk and a diet of fruit and vegetables make up a simpler way to get a natural body cleanse detox.

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