Lemon Detox Diet Recipe

The lemon detox diet, or the lemon-cayenne pepper detox, should not be undertaken without first checking with your doctor that you are in good shape. Once you have established that your health is okay, you can follow the instructions below on how to make the detox diet lemonade.

Any kind of fast takes its toll on your body and most people who try a detox diet get some kind of side effects. Do not just start on the lemon cleanse because lots of people on the internet seem to think that it is okay! It may not suit your unique constitution. Do some serious research – read what those who have tried it have to say.

The lemon detox can be made at home with ingredients at hand or it can be bought as the Master Cleanse as it was called by its creator, Stanley Burroughs. The Master Cleanse directions suggest that we take it slowly as we ease off on our usual diet of possibly harmful foods and drinks and into the more spartan diet of the Master Cleanse.

The side effects of the lemon detox diet will last for two or three days and may include nausea, weakness and irritability. If you still feel unwell after a few days, go see your doctor. Some people feel the regime is too stressful for them physically and mentally. If the diet is affecting you that way, stop.

Once you have decided to give the detox diet lemonade a try, set a date to start and ease yourself off some of your old lifestyle habits a few days in advance. Don’t be putting junk food into your body and if you are able, give up or restrict your use of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. If you start the diet with a new dietary regime, this will change your attitude and give you more of a chance of success.

Here is the lemon detox diet recipe:
These ingredients make about six glasses of the lemon detox diet recipe which is a day’s supply.
60 oz water
12 tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup
12 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper

Herbal laxatives and/or a salt water drink are also an important element of the Master Cleanse directions. If you decide to incorporate this part of the cleanse, make sure you have plenty of time to spend on matters of elimination.

According to the Master Cleanse directions the detox diet lemonade is meant to be followed for no more than ten days and you should wait for about a month before doing it all again. Nutritionists say that the lemon juice maple syrup diet is devoid of nutrients buy advocates of the diet say that there is a source of nourishment in the recipe – the maple syrup.

Pure maple syrup was included in the lemon detox diet recipe because it is a source of vitamins and other nutrients and a concentrated source of energy if you take it in its pure form. Proponents of the lemon juice maple syrup diet say that the quantity and type of nutrients in the maple syrup depend on where the tree is located and the conditions of the soil. Maple syrup does have its benefits as a sweetener for waffles buy I can’t find any research that backs up the “concentrated source of energy” claim.

As well as the actual lemon detox ingredients, you should take a daily salt water flush. This means setting aside some time to devote purely to going to the toilet, drinking the saltwater solution, and waiting. Here is the procedure:

Add one tablespoon of sea salt to a liter of water. The water should be at room temperature.

Before you begin to drink the solution, be aware that your body is going to want to reject it. Start drinking slowly, not trying to force it down, and when you start to feel as though you are full, set your mind to allowing more of the solution into your body.

Once you have finished the flush, wait near the toilet. Do not plan to go anywhere for an hour or so. Once you have done the flush on the first day, you will know what to expect on the subsequent days.

That’s it. Apart from a multi-vitamin pill each day if you so desire, your only sustenance will be the lemon detox recipe and the saltwater flush.

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