Detoxing Your Body – What Is Detox Cleansing?

The idea of detoxing your body has been around for many years, but like many common terms, there is confusion about its precise meaning. As we are likely to spend a great deal of time and money on detoxification it is probably a good idea to get a grip on what detoxing is.

There are several elements in the detoxification of the body: the elimination of drug and alcohol traces from the bloodstream for the purpose of breaking an addiction; the elimination of non-specified toxins from the body for the improvement of general health; the elimination of toxic chemicals from our immediate environment with the aim of decreasing our intake of toxins.

Taking the subject of drug detoxing first, we can probably safely say that people who are getting rid of the traces of a drug from their body for the purpose of stopping an addiction will probably not be interested in detoxing for general health. At least not while they have an addiction. Becoming free of a drug addiction is a process of removing the physiological and environmental elements of drug use so that the individual can live without the drug and with a minimum of temptations to start using again.

Detoxification can take some months to accomplish and require the efforts of medical and support personnel as well as a quiet place for the detoxification to take place. In short, it’s a major lifestyle change that happens over a fairly short period of time.

Another aspect to drug detoxification is the practice of removing the traces of a drug such as marijuana from the bloodstream for the purpose of passing a urine blood test. There are many reasons for people being subjected to marijuana drug tests and similar tests, mainly to do with employment. There are also many ways of fast-tracking the detoxing process to get the bloodstream clean or to cheat on the drug test. One example of these methods is to drink large quantities of water over the few days preceding the drug test, accompanied by ingesting large quantities of vitamin B tablets so that the urine does not appear abnormally clear to the people carrying out the drug test.

The alternative health practice known as detoxing is based on the ancient idea that a portion of the food we eat remains in the body and can be the cause of many, if not all, of our illnesses. This theory was supported by modern science until direct observation of the digestion and elimination process became possible in the early twentieth century. Modern medical practice had to reject the theory that food created toxicity because there was no evidence to support it.

Even though medical science abandoned the idea of the need to detox the body, it has stayed with us simply because it sounds like common sense. On top of that so many alternative therapists say it’s true, and so many of their customers – sorry, patients – say that the detox diets, products and practices work that it MUST be true!

One of the dominant parts of detoxing the body is the detox diet. It means a drastic reduction of what we eat, or maybe a total fast, over a period of up to ten days so we can eliminate accumulated toxins. So, there’s a 3 day detox diet, a 7 day detox diet, a 10 day detox, and if you are detoxing of fasting for longer than that, stay in touch with your doctor. There are also strict diets like the fruit detox diet which people go on from time to time whenever they feel a need for a body detox.

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