Healthy Diet Plus Supplementation For Those Who Want To Lose Weight


Drink 16 ounces of purified water


Bowl of oatmeal (Plain non prompt Oatmeal) with following elements blended in.

-One teaspoon of cinnamon (For wholesome sugar metabolism so that you’re much less prone to retailer sugar in fats cells)

-One tablespoon of Natural Peanut Butter that doesn’t have any sugar added

-Non-obligatory- chances are you’ll add some berries that haven’t any added sugar in them

Do not need a drink together with your oatmeal (In order that you’ll digest the meals significantly better as an alternative of risking the meals spoiling within the abdomen inflicting you to be extra prone to retailer it in fats cells which will increase your physique fats). Wait 15 minutes to 1 half hour after consuming oatmeal earlier than consuming beverage.

Beverage decisions are…

-Freshly steeped inexperienced tea

-Curtain different natural teas (verify with me first please)


-Soy Milk

-Don’t drink juice aside from a 4oz cup price earlier than 10am in order that you’ll have an opportunity to burn that sugar off as an alternative of storing it


Common non flavored Peanuts- four oz


four TO 8oz of Brown Rice

four to eight ouncesof boneless skinless rooster breast. Don’t fry the rice. Boil or steam it and AFTER its cooked pour some olive oil on it (One teaspoon price). If you happen to like garlic and different wholesome spices this can be a good time to load up on them.

Broccolli- Eat until your coronary heart content material (except your consuming like over 35 ounces which is uncommon)


four ouncesof standard non flavored peanuts


Rooster Sand-which made with

-15 grain bread

-Provolone Cheese

-Use any condiments you need so long as it accommodates lower than four grams of sugar. If you happen to use mayo simply ensure you eat a restrict of not more than 1 teaspoon leveled off.

Do not forget to take these dietary supplements

-Fish oil for joint well being and be a part of ache

-Vitamin c (or inexperienced tea which is much more most popular) for if you get the sniffles to assist forestall a chilly

– Milk Thistle- for good liver perform. Liver performs an essential position in sugar metabolism and due to this fact is nice for weight reduction

-Minerals Zinc and Chromium- For elevated Sugar metabolism to assist drop pounds.

-fiber complement 2 or extra occasions all through the day – For blood sugar stabilization and physique cleaning.


– Devour water and inexperienced tea all through the day between meals.

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