Juice Fasting – The Benefits

Many of us wake up in the morning and wonder where we went wrong. When did we stop caring for our bodies. When did we start indiscriminately shoving assorted food-related substances into our bodies without a trace of enjoyment or a thought for the repercussions.

I guess a lot of us think of looking after our bodies is taken care of by going to the gym, but what about our liver? What about our gallbladder? There are two schools of thought on how we should treat these areas. One is that our live and gallbladder become clogged with toxins and fats. This clogging is supposed to be responsible for many nasty sicknesses like eczema, lupus and diabetes.

The other school of thought is centered in the idea that medical research is closer to the truth than pre-scientific theory which has been disproven many times of many years. Either way, if you want to feel better about your life and your health, a detox will be the big step that could trigger that new sense of wellbeing.

So let’s keep learning some stuff about our organs. The liver stops rubbish as it goes through our system. The rubbish is carried to the gallbladder by bile made in the liver. Your liver and gallbladder, according to the cleansing proponents, need regular cleansing to remain efficient filters for the toxins in our bodies. You can do this in a very simple way by making fruit and vegetable juice. And drinking it. It is supposed to help clean the extra toxins we get from our filthy environment but if you don’t believe that our organs need cleansing, drinking juice can’t do too much harm.

You can do a detox cleanse of your liver, kidneys and gallbladder once as a start to a new life of healthy eating or you can do a cleanse once every six months or so to help right your dietary wrongs. It’s also supposed to prevent disease.

You can do a water fast to cleanse your system. Lots of people do it but it can take a toll on your body. Water does not contain the nutrients that are contained in juices so bombarding the body with water is, in some people’s opinion, not a good idea. On the other hand juice contains antioxidants which are supposed bind to the toxins and escorting them from our bodies.

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