The Lemonade Diet Recipe

Even if you are in tip-top health you can benefit from a detox using the Mastercleanse lemonade diet recipe, or as some people know it, the lemonade cleansing diet.

 You can use it to flush your system of toxins and mark the beginning of a new, healthier way of living. The cleansing lemonade diet should be undertaken when you can get away from your daily responsibilities and concentrate on cleansing your system.

The lemonade cleansing diet is a sweet name that disguises the purpose of the regime which is to make you go to the toilet. A lot. And there are side effects. If you go straight from a junk food diet with lots of alcohol, tea and coffee you can expect the side effects to be pretty intense. If you ease out of your normal diet a few days before the official start of your lemonade cleansing diet, your body’s reaction won’t be quite so violent.

The lemonade diet is exactly what the name implies. Ten days of fasting with a special lemonade being your only food. This is an extremely popular form of diet, praised by many for its detoxification benefits. It gives your intestinal tract and your colon a good clean out plus you will inevitably lose a few pounds along the way.

Here is the recipe for the lemonade diet:

Your diet consists of ten serves a day of the following:

The juice of half a lemon squeezed into eight ounces of purified, unfluoridated water

Mix two tablespoons of maple syrup into the water along with a pinch of cayenne pepper

You might find that the cayenne pepper is too strong for your liking but if you persevere you will take it in your stride. Some people find that the longer you leave the drink untouched, the stronger the pepper becomes, so make sure you drink it down as soon as you have mixed it. Some people reduce the amount of pepper by up to half without noticing any negative effects.

The other part of the recipe for the cleansing lemonade diet is the salt flush which is a tablespoon of sea salt in a liter of water. You drink it once a day, at a time you can spare to sit around waiting for a bowel movement.

After the cleanse with the lemonade diet is over, you will be needing to get back into eating solid foods again. Drink fresh orange juice over the first and second days after the diet to get your system ready for food. Start with raw foods and if your body does not reject them, move onto taking cooked foods. Remember that you should not be going back to your old habits of eating junk food. If you feel that your experience has been positive, don’t lose your copy of the recipe. For lemonade diet success stories the minimum wait between detoxes is a month.

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