Managing Acid Reflux, Tips That Will Help You Feel Better

TIPS! If you aren’t overweight, your GERD may go away. Your esophagus sphincter relaxes when fat in your stomach presses downward.

Acid reflux can interrupt your life, sometimes despite what foods you eat. Find out more about how to treat it by reading the information below. The more knowledge you gain, the better in control you can be and you can enjoy life a lot more.

TIPS! Stop smoking if you want to get rid of acid reflux. Smoking can actually make your acid reflux much worse.

Some foods tend to trigger the effects of acid reflux. Among them are chocolate, caffeine, alcohol and fried foods. Citrus fruits and acidic vegetables like tomatoes are also well known culprits. Triggers vary by person, so you should learn from your own experience as to what does and doesn’t cause you problems. If you want to be completely safe, just avoid these things.

Acid Reflux

TIPS! To help combat acid reflux, use something to raise up your bed at the head portion only. Raise your bed up for your top half using items like heavy books or bed risers.

Smoking and acid reflux are not things that go well together. Nicotine facilitates the production of stomach acid, increasing occurrences of acid reflux. However, it is not wise to quit cold turkey; doing so could put stress on the body and worsen acid reflux. Work on quitting gradually.

TIPS! Moderate exercise which keeps you upright can help immensely. This provides many benefits.

Losing weight can definitely help your fight against acid reflux. One common reason for acid reflux is being overweight. If you lose 10% of your weight, acid reflux will have a lesser effect on your body. Weight loss can be achieved through smaller portion sizes, not crash diets.

TIPS! Moderate exercise can help acid reflux. However, it is important that you keep things moderate.

You should never lay down after a meal. Your digestive tract may not function as well in this position. If you remain upright, you can steer clear of acid reflux symptoms.

TIPS! You should limit your alcohol consumption. Alcohol increases stomach acid production.

Always eat each meal slowly. Rather than consuming your entire meal all at once, stop before you get full. Eat while sitting down, slowly eat your food and savor it without focusing on anything else. The faster you eat, the worse you’ll feel when done. One trick to slow everything down is to put your fork down after every bite.

TIPS! Stay away from fatty foods. What this means is that you definitely need to avoid or at least severely cut down on those fatty fried foods, red meat and fast foods.

Try exercises that keep you upright, like walking. Exercise like this can help lessen the acid reflux effects, for a variety of reasons. First, you assist your stomach’s digestion by staying upright. Next, you lose weight and reduce pressure on the stomach. Avoid intense exercise, especially anything that might stress the stomach or abominable areas, it can make reflux worse.

If you’re pregnant, the baby may be pushing on your stomach causing acid reflux. Ask your doctor what you should if it happens to you.

TIPS! You should never diagnose yourself with acid reflux disease. If you have symptoms of acid reflux, you need to talk to your doctor.

Consider consuming slipper elm lozenges. They coat your digestive system to protect it from acid. This lozenge also works to prevent the cough that acid reflux can cause. You should be able to find this product at your local health food store.

TIPS! Extra weight makes acid reflux worse, so work on losing weight. Being overweight can cause acid reflux.

Stay away from fatty foods. You should try to reduce the quantity of fried foods and fatty meats that you consume. Be sure to read the labels of any foods you purchase. Watch out for fatty foods.

TIPS! Foods that include tomato, such as pizza or spaghetti, are not a good option if you are dealing with acid reflux. Adding sugar to your spaghetti sauce can help lower the acidity.

Relax as much as you can. If you eat when you’re really stressed, it may cause heartburn and excess stomach acid. After eating, practice a little meditation, deep breathing and light relaxation exercise. Never lie down; stay up!

TIPS! Is your acid reflux worsening? You need to get in touch with your doctor and find out whether surgery is necessary. Fundoplication is a great method for you to use that can get your stomach acid under control.

Stop tolerating it, and do something about it. You need to take action now and find a way of eliminating this problem. If you want to make sure your acid reflux is kept under control, then take the advice that is contained within this article and put it to good use. As a result, you can enjoy your meals even more because you won’t be suffering through pain.

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