The Natural Body Detox – Changing Unhealthy Eating Habits

Starting a life-changing process is not going to be easy. Two things you will have to deal with when you begin a detox fast or diet is changing your daily routine and improving on your poor eating habits. Once you get started on ridding your body of toxins you will find that your thinking and emotional patterns will undergo some changes. This article is aimed at making you aware of these changes and helping you to take command of your life during a time or change.

You might need to make an effort to adjust your sleep pattern. Once the process of ridding the body of toxins has started you will the feel some of your energy getting eliminated as well as the toxic substances. This will lead to a feeling of sleepiness and you will need to put your head down on the nearest pillow at times when you should be doing something useful. Go with this feeling. Let your body adjust to this new process that it is taking part in. Sleep when you need to and exercise when you can.

One of the major mental obstacles for someone trying detoxing for the first time is changing eating habits. Of all our daily habits eating is arguably the most harmful. If the idea of suddenly changing over to a different set of foods is too daunting, why not just focus on trying one new food to see what happens? A crude example would be to make a sandwich in the morning to take to work to replace the burger you usually eat. As with many small changes this one introduces more alterations to our routine. For instance,leaving aside the possibility that you have found a source of healthy fast food, if you have a sandwich on hand at the office, you can choose to go sit somewhere nice to eat instead of standing in line at a fast food place and eating there or on the run. You will also need to find the extra few minutes in the morning to make the sandwich.

Making these small changes to support one slightly larger change to your routine might take a week or two incorporate into your daily life. Once you have found out for yourself that the sky won’t fall if you go without your burger, you could try dedicating one day out of your week to eating vegetarian food. This might take more planning and more changes to your daily routine. For example you will probably need to clear out as much non-vegetarian food from your pantry and fridge as possible, just to keep temptation to a minimum. Making a change to a whole day’s eating will entail planning a menu and making a special shopping trip.

One more permanent inroad into your unhealthy eating habits that could come from small temporary changes is the snacks you have between meals. For your vegetarian day you could stock up on crackers and nuts to snack on instead of cream biscuits and candy. Another small but regular change you could make is to drink water during the day instead of soft drinks or fruit juice.

Apart from eating, habit can dominate our moods and emotions. Detoxing can make us feel things that we have never felt before. As the toxins leave the body, old thoughts and emotions well up within us, needing to be squeezed out like the contents of a pimple. At the same time, you might find that you experience wildly contrasting extremes of emotion. The mood swings may be uncomfortable and you could experience the urge to tone down your emotions by comfort eating. If you feel the need to busy yourself by eating, keep on hand some low or zero calorie food like maybe watermelon or a herbal or naturopathy potion like one of the Bach flower remedies.

As the detoxification process goes ahead you will find that your mental processes will change. The loss of toxins will naturally mean that the elements carried into our brain in our bloodstream will be different, so of course our thinking is going to change somewhat. As your body becomes used to the detox regime you will possibly find a more positive attitude settling on your mind. Possibilities will present themselves as you think about getting back to your normal routine.

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