A Natural Detox Diet Eliminates Toxins

We usually turn to info on the internet about how to detox in two situations: the first is when we have been over indulging in food and drink that is not good for us. The second is when we feel low on energy and enthusiasm.

Just as we look for a quick fix in comfort food or taking it easy when we could be doing something that is good for us, we look for the quick fix to make us feel more healthy. That’s where detox diets and fasting come in. We say to ourselves that a few days or a week of suffering will get our health back on track and our emotions in a more positive condition.

The trouble is, when we search for the best detox we find that as detox diets become more popular, more and more health experts are coming out and speaking against them. In the world of mainstream health care, the term “detox” relates to the process of helping people addicted to harmful substances to beat their addiction. People can undergo therapy to detox from alcohol, for instance.

Outside of mainstream medical science, the word “detox” only has a very vague meaning and is applied to diets, hair straighteners, foot patches and other products that may have only a tenuous connection to detoxing the body. On top of that researchers investigating the claims of detox product sand practices find no solid evidence that the products actually do anything.

Most detox diet plans are accompanied by advice to follow the diet with a sensible eating plan that emphasizes fruit, vegetables, water and exercise. The general consensus in the medical profession is that if we switched to healthy eating we would not need a detox diet.

We feel tired, sluggish and overweight after a day or three partying. We drink too much alcohol and sugary drinks, we eat too much fatty food, we deprive ourselves of sleep. There is scientific evidence that this kind of behavior is bad for us but there is no evidence that it leaves toxins in our system that must be gotten rid of by any method other than the natural workings of our internal organs.

The reason that going through a detoxing or cleansing process seems attractive to us is that it is a break in our routine. A major break that puts distance between ourselves and our previous harmful behavior and give us the psychological strength to start on a more healthy eating regime. So, if you want to go on a fast or a detox diet, make it as short as possible. One of the main dangers of detoxing is putting the body into starvation mode where it begins living off muscle tissue and storing fat.

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