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You might find that your family doctor is not too enthusiastic about you embarking on a detox program, whether it involves natural detox productsor simply studying how to detox your body naturally. The mainstream view is that detoxification is part of our natural body cleansing process and does not need input from alternative therapists touting ways to detox your body.

But most doctors agree that detoxing for only a 24 hour period shouldn’t do any harm. Going on an extended detox program will produce some unpleasant side effects. These side effects are said to be part of the natural process of cleansing, but if they persist, see a doctor. While you’re using natural detox products you might find some changes in your body. The process of detoxing is one of purging. You might get acne, headaches, sweating, muscle aches, nausea, or skin rashes. These symptoms are all products of the body’s efforts to cleanse itself of toxins.

Of course detoxification is not all nasty side effects. Some natural body cleansing methods start with the outside of the body. Ways to detox your body like mud masks, saunas and spa baths will give you that extra psychological ingredient – tranquillity. There are detox foot baths that are supposed to draw toxins from our bodies through the feet. If you try out a detox foot bath for yourself you will see that the water in the bath discolors very soon after the bath is turned on. Believers in foot bath therapy say that the discoloration is due to toxins being released from your body.

Others say that the so-called “toxins” are only the results of the reaction between ions made by salt dissolving in the water and metallic ions from the stainless steel in the bath. The efficacy of detox foot baths is called into question by experts who say that toxins can only be released by the action of the kidneys and liver, so putting your feet into a bath will not start a detox process.

If you want to start using natural detox products, why not look for supplements that contain herbs like: psyllium husks, yellow dock, senna leaf, black walnut, cayenne or spirulina. You could also try a packaged detox program like the acai berry easy cleanse.

The Acai berry is the basis of a whole range of detox products. It comes from South America and you can take it in the form of tablets or juice. The Acai berry contains high levels of antioxidants and can help people to lose weight. About 1 ounce of Acai berry juice every day should keep up your level of antioxidants. The Acai Berry Easy-Cleanse is a ten-day program that claims to gently flush away any waste clogging your digestive system that could be causing you to feel sluggish and bloated.

If you are interested in natural body cleansing, you could go with the school of thought that says if you really want to cleanse your body thoroughly just drink large quantities of water. There are variations on this method such as the master cleanse which uses lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper in the water. You can make your own natural detox product by blending fruit and vegetables into smoothies. You can have a smoothie at any time of day and it is quite simple to blend of different mixtures of fruit and vegetables.

Green tea is another important ingredient in natural detox products. As with the Acai berry, antioxidants are the main nutrients found in green tea. Psyllium is another natural detox product. You usually buy it in the form of a powder which contains high levels of fiber. Lemon juice is said to help the body flush out toxins. It is also high in vitamin C. In order to learn how to detox your body naturally you can see that your main job is selecting dietary regimes and detox products that appeal to you personally and then doing some research of your own to determine how well they work.

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