Rabbit Food Suggestions for a Healthy Diet

The best weight loss program retains rabbits wholesome, whether or not you’re elevating home pets or breeders. Whereas that is true, the kind of rabbit meals to supply depends upon the animal’s life stage. On the whole, rabbits thrive on a 16 p.c protein weight loss program. Nursing moms and their kits want not less than 18 p.c protein.

The results of a continuing, non-balanced weight loss program are simple to acknowledge. The coat is boring. The rabbits have a weak immune system, and so they typically expertise digestive issues. Child rabbits develop slower.

Rabbit Meals Ideas

  1. Timothy Grass Hay – All the time have an honest provide of any such hay readily available to make sure that your rabbits get sufficient fiber. With out hay, your cottontails might be stricken by hairballs and undergo from diarrhea. The animals will doubtless turn into overweight.
  2. Alfalfa Hay – This needs to be given to only the adults if that’s the solely hay kind you could find in your space. Portions needs to be restricted. This hay has excessive protein content material, an excessive amount of calcium, and much too many energy for rabbits.
  3. Manufactured Rabbit Pellets – The bite-sized rabbit pellets which can be stocked in shops are comprised of floor hay, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and different substances which can be good for a bunny’s digestive system. Knowledgeable breeders recommend two every day feedings. Give rabbits one-eighth to one-fourth of a normal cup per 5 kilos of a rabbit’s physique weight. Keep away from coloured pellets or feed that’s previous and moldy.
  4. Recent Greens and Fruits – Inexperienced-leaf veggies like romaine, parsley, endive, arugula, chervil, dandelion greens, and collard greens are wonderful selections. Iceberg lettuce shouldn’t be in your checklist of rabbit meals. Its dietary worth is restricted. Don’t feed greens and fruits to child bunnies if you wish to stop enteritis (irritation of the small gut). Slowly introduce these new meals to your younger rabbits, and monitor their progress.
  5. Treats – Carrots are starchy and may solely be given sparingly as a deal with. Introduce your rabbits slowly to fruits like cored apples, pears, strawberries, plums, peaches, bananas, and melon. The rabbits needs to be not less than six months previous earlier than introducing most of these rabbit meals.


Water is important to a rabbit’s weight loss program. It regulates the animal’s physique temperature throughout sizzling summer season days. Change the water every day, regardless of which sort of watering system you employ.

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