Starting A Detox Diet Plan? Foods To Stay Away From

Once you have decided to take on a detox diet plan, one of the first things on your to-do list is replacing your unhealthy food with food that can be used in your detox recipes. If you are doing a major detox renewing your eating habits could be a major task but there are some broad groups of food you definitely should be replacing.

If you drink alcohol you need to stop. Totally. Alcohol has no place in a detox diet. Your kidneys and liver will get a rest from what is essentially a toxic substance. If you drink alcohol to excess you are dehydrating yourself.

Caffeine should also be on your list of things not to put into your body while on a detox diet plan.

All cordials, soft drinks, diet cordials and diet soft drinks should be replaced with water or juice. Remember that fruit juice is also high in sugar, and do not be misled by the fact that it is “natural”. It is still sugar.

Cakes and bread should also be avoided during a detox. They contain gluten which you may be allergic to in some degree without even knowing it. So look at rice or corn based cereal in the morning or simply replace your cereal with an egg. At lunch you could have a salad instead of a sandwich, and rice makes a good replacement for pasta.

Meat is a major source of protein for most of us but you should take a break from it on a detox diet. Advocates of detox diets don’t like the fact that our digestive system does not handle some of the enzymes in meat which could lead to blockages in our gut. And then there’s the high content of fat in many meat products.

All processed foods should be a avoided if you are trying to detoxify. If you want to detox, foods that have artificial coloring or flavoring are firm no-no’s. It is time to forget about time-saving and think about foods that are natural and fresh. So naturally chips and other snacks and their accompanying salt and flavorings are also off your menu.

Detox diets, generally speaking, will leave out foods that are frozen or refrigerated. That includes eggs and butter. A possible exception is natural yogurt.

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