What’s A Detox Weight Loss Diet?

There is a lot of talk about weight loss and detox diets. There are many diets such as the lemon detox that claim to help us detoxify our bodies but not all detox diet plans claim to help us lose weight. The detox process is said to help us lose all the toxins that build up in our bodies as a result of the polluted environment we live in.

There’s also the diabetes, obesity and other ills aided and abetted by our fast foods. There are preservatives and color enhancers as well as fats, sodium and sugar, all of which contribute to our bodies breaking down at a young age. Many toxins are said to be held in fat cells without hope of escape unless we take action to get rid of them.

Drinks with bright colors and strong flavors contain coal tar. Salami, bologna and other processed meats contains sodium nitrate which stops bacteria from growing in the meats. The trouble is sodium nitrate mixes with the acid in the stomach to make nitrosamines in the body. These are said to cause cancer.

An intelligent approach to weight loss is to set up a detox diet plan. We are supposed to be better set up to lose weight after going through the process of detoxification. With no nasty toxins to contend with, the theory goes that the body can now take care of the job of losing weight. Detox diet plans are also supposed to give us more energy which helps us contend with the new routine of diet and exercise aimed at losing weight.

That’s right, exercise. Exercise is very necessary if you want to lose weight. Some people think that detox diets simply deprive people of nutrients, therefore making the body lose muscle tissue but others say detox weight loss diets are based on sound principles. Take water fasting for instance.

If you have never heard about water fasting, weight loss can be drastic but there is no nutrition in water so your body will be using its fat reserves as fuel. Any fast should only be undertaken after speaking with your doctor but if you are interested in water fasting weight loss, don’t think about it if you suffer from schizophrenia, a heart condition or blood sugar issues.

A not-too-drastic but low fat detox diet plan is the cabbage soup diet. Once again, it’s not meant to be long term, but it is supposed to yield quick results for people desperate to lose weight. Another way of looking at a low fat detox diet plan is to simply switch to the low fat versions of foods like dairy products.

Once the weight loss and detox diet is over, our efforts need to be focused on keeping the weight off and staying healthy. To this end we need to stay away from junk food. The foods we do need to eat are in the areas of fresh organic fruit and vegetables which contain no pesticides, low-sugar whole-grains and lean proteins like skinless chicken or turkey breast, egg white, lean beef, fish fillets, tuna, black beans, kidney beans, chick peas and lentils. Of course water is a great replacement for soft drinks, coffee and tea.

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