Willpower And A Detox Diet – Six Handy Hints

For many people losing the motivation for going on detox diets is a part of enjoying summer. Or any occasion where good food is available. If you love nachos and chips, hamburgers and chocolate cake, you may need some help keeping to your detox diet plan every time you meet with friends.

One of the main problems in keeping our will to detox is that our appetites do not listen to our brains. We may have all the knowledge in the world about the evils of fats and carbohydrates but how can the knowledge influence our behavior? So, thinking that your willpower is enough to keep your body free of toxins is a mistake. What we need is a plan in order to keep slim and toxin-free. It is not possible or advisable to simply refrain from going to the picnics and barbecue you are invited to. Even if you are on a detox diet, fasting is rarely a good idea, so keep living but bring your plan with you.

So here’s a few ideas to help you with a dieting plan:

1. Think about what you are going to eat. If you don’t know what food is going to be served at the barbecue, you could bring something healthy.

2. Have a serving of fruit or vegetables before you leave home. Follow that with a large drink of water. This will fill your stomach, lessen your appetite and put you in mind of your detox diet plan.

3. Do not eat standing up. If you sit while you eat, you are less likely to graze. Unless you sit right in front of the nachos and dip. Don’t do that.

4. Chew your food at least twenty times. Thirty is better.

5. The alcohol question. Decide in advance if you are going to be drinking alcohol and how many drinks you will be having. Two is good. And decide in advance which non-alcoholic drink you will be changing to. You could bring your own low-cal drink.

6. Be active. Participate in the social activities of the picnic or barbecue. Swim, play ball or take part in the tug-of-war.

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