Fast Detox Diet

Have you ever wondered about taking a fast detox diet? Sometimes it takes a while to find the best detox diet plan to suit you. Even the much-touted lemonade and cayenne pepper diet just makes some people feel uncomfortable. Apart from that, many think that you can actually GAIN fat from a so-called easy detox diet.

Here is how the theory goes: you choose from one of the many fasting diets, and you set a date to start. Once you have begun the fast your body realizes that there is no food coming in, so it starts feeding on itself. Instead of using stored up fat to fuel your activity, your body will use up muscle tissue. So the weight you lose will be made up of this muscle tissue and water stored in your body.

The result of this kind of diet will be that you will look starved and emaciated rather than trim and taut. When you go back to your usual mode of eating, you will get the water back, and on top of that, the muscle tissue you use up will be replaced by fat. Not the best detox diet.

If you are unfamiliar with fasting diets, here is an easy detox diet that is supposed to give results. It’s a twenty-four hour diet. For twenty-four hours you do not drink soft drinks, tea or coffee. All you drink is pomegranate juice – a maximum of four glasses.

Every morning take a hot shower, scrubbing your skin with a loofah. Repeat this each night. An alternative to your hot showers could be visits to a sauna. Exercise is most important but it doesn’t have to be heavy. A half-hour or forty-five minute walk would do the trick.

In the morning drink one glass of pomegranate juice and eat a handful of raw almonds. Don’t eat till you are full; stop when you feel about half full. During the morning, eat a bowl of brown rice with natural soy sauce. If you feel the need for protein, have some tofu.

For lunch, another glass of pomegranate juice and a green salad. You can have a dressing on the salad but keep it simple – wine vinegar, salt and virgin olive oil. During the afternoon you can have another glass of pomegranate juice and another handful of raw almonds. As before, stop before you are full.

For dinner have a big bowl of brown rice with a glass of pomegranate juice.

The food you have eaten over the twenty-four hour detox diet period is simple and nutritious, and if you are concerned about cleansing yourself of toxins your body has had this time to get rid of the effects of pollution and overeating. Maybe this is the fast track one day detox diet for you! If not, you could try the Gittleman Fast Track Detox Diet, not really a fast detox diet as it involves a week of eating a limited range of foods followed by a one-day fast then three days of dieting with a view to keeping your weight off.

The idea of liquid fasting might appeal to you. The advocates of these diets say you should take them for a maximum of seventy-two hours. You can restrict yourself to water only for the short fasting period but it would be beneficial to use fruit juices instead. You prepare for liquid fasting by eliminating alcohol, caffeine and nicotine from your system so you are not distracted by cravings. After the fast you will need to get your body used to solid food gradually by eating small vegetarian meals.

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