The Natural Colon Cleanse

If you believe that toxic substances accumulating in your body are making you depressed, draining your energy, making you fat and giving you wrinkles, you are probably looking at the possibility of undertaking some kind of natural body cleansing.

Among the many avenues we can go down to cleanse our bodies is the possibility of doing colon cleansing at home. We are not just talking about the rejuvenation of one organ of the body. A colon cleanse can be a new lease on life!

The idea that the colon needs cleansing is a fairly new one. Medical science has discovered a number of complaints affecting the colon and illnesses stemming from impacted feces and an unhealthy colon. So, it’s not surprising that alternative medical practitioners started looking for a way to do a thorough natural body cleansing.

Many alternative therapy proponents believe that a whole range of illnesses are caused by having a colon full of toxic substances. The most obvious complaint is weight gain. Your colon has a limited capacity to process red meat, spices and the oils associated with cooking. If these matters stay in the colon, they begin to form toxins. The good news is that you can do your own colon cleansing at home.

Benefits of colon cleansing in addition to loss of excess weight are a better complexion and a boost in levels of energy. You can begin your colon cleansing at home with one of a number of colon cleanse recipes.

Using natural substances in colon cleanse recipes has obvious advantages. It is always better to introduce a natural, non-invasive product into your body than something chemical-based.
There’s a school of thought that believes that if you undertake a natural colon cleanse on a regular basis you will be well on the way to good health. If you feel up to preparing your own natural colon cleanse products at home, they are fairly easy to prepare. If you don’t want to use home-made or bought colon cleansing products, drinking a lot of water and eating high fiber foods will be a big help in keeping your intestines toxin-free.

One fiber supplement found in most colon cleanse recipes is psyllium. This is a natural fiber which travels through the intestines, stimulating movement of the bowels. Psyllium is used to treat both constipation and diarrhea and is used in almost all dietary fibre supplements. A common colon cleanse recipe is the “psyllium shake” which is made from one tablespoon each of psyllium powder and bentonite clay liquid. You can get these ingredients from your health food store. Mix them with ten ounces of water and drink it down.

As with most colon cleanse recipes you will need to keep drinking the “psyllium shake” once a day for a minimum of a month. Some people recommend that we drink it every day for three months. The shake is not the greatest tasting way to do a natural body cleansing but every time you mix it you will be reminded of your aim to improve your health.

One way of doing a natural colon cleanse is the juice detox diet. To cleanse your colon you simply drink fruit and vegetable juice for three days instead of eating food. There are also laxatives you can take containing natural compounds like aloe, cascara sagrada, senna and other herbal products.

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